why I photograph childhood

little Michelle, circa 1994

little Michelle, circa 1994

When I was a kid, I was hyper aware of growing up. I dreaded it. I loved childhood. I was so in tune with the fact that it was fleeting and that my life would not always allow me to run and play whenever I wanted, that my imagination would never be quite what it was then, that circumstances and responsibilities change as time passes. I used to get sad about my peers being in a hurry to grow up, thinking “you have the rest of your life to be grown up!” 

This feeling never went away. I’ve struggled with my Peter Pan complex so much. How do I keep the things I love so much about childhood in my adult life? How do I hold on to the sense of freedom and innocence of childhood amidst responsibility and awareness of horrible things in the world and the tendency of humans to over-complicate life? 

baby Lauren, 2010.

baby Lauren, 2010.

I have been drawn to babies and little kids since I WAS a little kid. I started working with kids when I was 15, because it was the most natural thing in the world for me. I never stopped. I took on part-time nanny work at 18 and I still do it to this day because it fills me up so full of love that I could explode. It wasn’t far into my nanny years that I started picking up a camera for a different reason than I ever had before: to freeze the tiny little things that the kids I loved did so that I wouldn’t forget. The kids all grew so fast that week to week, everything was constantly different. So many of the moments I was inspired by were truly split-seconds that weren’t repeated, or they only happened for a few weeks and then they were gone. Sometimes I look back at the photos I took and I can see things that the same kids still do years later, and I LOVE that. 

toddler Lauren, 2011.

toddler Lauren, 2011.

I fell in love with all of it. I fell in love with using my camera to make visual art from the moments that whisper quietly: this is childhood. The sense of wonder and the natural tendency to just BE. I fell in love with watching and playing and non-verbally training the kids to ignore my camera and just play with me. Childhood lifestyle photography. I just speak the language of it. 

Andrew & Lauren, 2011.

Andrew & Lauren, 2011.

I’m sharing this because I want to share my heart and my perspective and what I love to do. And partly because I want to encourage people to slow down. To look at little things and let those things fill them up. Sometimes I’m so full of words and stories and emotions that I don’t even know where to start sharing because the attention span of social media doesn’t have a great reputation. 

I want to be there for your family. For this moment. Because it’s not going to be exactly like this again. I want you to remember how it all felt: the snuggles and the giggles and the personalities and the emotional drama of a toddler melt-down and the tiny-ness of them and all the love. It all moves so fast and I know that life is so busy, and to me that makes it even more important to somehow preserve it. To me, life and love are art, and I just want to create as much art as possible. 

me & Declan, 2015.

me & Declan, 2015.

xo, Michelle

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#yeahfieldtrip 3.0

Three weeks ago, I was in the middle of one of my most favorite experiences each year. Tucked away in El Capitan Canyon, just north of Santa Barbara, over 400 photographers gather to connect and to learn from each other and to play. We call it Photo Field Trip.

I’m having a harder time this year finding words for my week at field trip. I think I was more present. I was busy and I was over-stimulated with new information and socializing and the fresh air and the lack of sleep, but my mind seemed to stay quieter, in a good way. I focused on connecting with old friends and new friends and being comforted by the fact that these people are kindred creative spirits. I took some practical classes and some live-shoot classes. I scribbled notes and documented what I could while remaining conscious of the experience of it all. I navigated among the familiar settings and new faces with a little bit more ease. I laughed a lot. I took some deep breaths. I looked at the stars, guided by an astronomer. I talked to people about my hopes for my creative business and was greeted with encouragement. I asked questions. I listened and watched more than anything. There are so many options of how to fill your time at field trip, but even if you love what you chose to do, there’s always a trace of FOMO. But I very much enjoyed my time and the friends I’ve made through this wonderful community. The words and feelings I’ve collected from all three years at field trip have stayed with me and have deeply become a part of my business and philosophy. I’m so very grateful.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the week!
(click to view my posts from year 1 and year 2

I always wish I had more time. I wish that I was better at socializing. But I did my best to learn and I have good conversations with interesting people and get some images that I love. And that's more than enough.  

xo, Michelle

P.S. I did a little illustrated portrait project while I was there and I’m still working on it, so I will share those when I’m finished :)

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norway photos: part 3, Bergen!

The last installment of my Norway photos! I'm going to live in the dream of that country forever. Our last stop: the beautiful city of Bergen and Hardangerfjord!

train from Voss to Bergen


the dream!

IMG_9101*-134 IMG_9102*-135

tiny little streets

Bryggen, the oldest part of Bergen.

IMG_9121*-138 IMG_9125*-139 IMG_9129*-140

The Floibanen, a funicular up the mountain.

view from Mount Floyen

IMG_9148*-143 IMG_9153*-144 IMG_9154*-145 IMG_9174*-146


IMG_9186*-147 IMG_9192*-148 IMG_9196*-149 IMG_9228*-152 IMG_9247*-153

the top of Mount Floyen was my dream world. I was so in heaven.

IMG_9261*-154 IMG_9263*-155 IMG_9270*-156 IMG_9302*-157 IMG_9310*-158 IMG_9318*-159 IMG_9323*-160 IMG_9325*-161 IMG_9327*-162

Damsgard manor.

found flower crown

IMG_9368*-165 IMG_9390*-166 IMG_9391*-167 IMG_9392*-168

a pride parade!


fjord cruise through Hardangerfjord

IMG_9478*-172 IMG_9524*-174 IMG_9529*-175 IMG_9532*-176 IMG_9572*-177 IMG_9581*-178 IMG_9592*-179 IMG_9595*-180 IMG_9603*-182 IMG_9613*-183 IMG_9616*-184 IMG_9637*-186 IMG_9642*-187

frolicking in Eidfjord

Voringfoss waterfall. a little snowy & beautiful!


IMG_1747*-14 IMG_1753*-15

IMG_9689*-191 IMG_9696*-192 IMG_9707*-193 IMG_9715*-194 IMG_9724*-195

just the prettiest place...

IMG_9726*-197 IMG_9727*-198 IMG_9729*-199



IMG_9746*-200 IMG_9749*-201 IMG_9751*-202 IMG_9755*-203 IMG_9757*-204 IMG_9773*-205 IMG_9783*-206


See parts one and two. I love you, Norway.

xo, Michelle

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norway photos: part 2!

I'm continuing to share my Norway photos! It's been 3 months and I still can't believe it was a real place because it was so beautiful! Our second stop: the Oslo-Bergen railway to Voss & its surrounding fjords!

Oslo -> Bergen

IMG_8441*-84 IMG_8465*-85 IMG_8479*-86 IMG_8485*-87 IMG_8492*-88 IMG_8495*-89


IMG_8511*-91 IMG_8518*-92


IMG_8523*-93 IMG_8529*-94 IMG_8552*-95 IMG_8556*-96 IMG_8574*-97 IMG_8585*-98 IMG_8591*-99 IMG_8595*-100 IMG_8604*-101

Flamsbana Railway from snowy Myrdal to the fjord town of Flam

snowy and very very cold. beginning of June!

IMG_8654*-104 IMG_8662*-105 IMG_8686*-107


IMG_8706*-108 IMG_8755*-109 IMG_8759*-110 IMG_8763*-111

a little nod to beloved Field Trip (click photo for blog post)

IMG_8797*-113 IMG_8804*-114 IMG_8812*-115 IMG_8860*-117 IMG_8898*-118 IMG_8918*-119 IMG_8928*-120 IMG_8945*-121 IMG_8987*-123 IMG_9022*-124 IMG_9047*-126


IMG_9048*-127 IMG_9051*-128 IMG_9070*-129

the lake in Voss

Do you feel swept away by the cold northern beauty yet?

Check out Part 1: Oslo if you missed them! I'll post the final set of photos next week :)

xo, Michelle

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norway photos: part 1, Oslo!

Three months ago, I was wandering around beautiful Norway with my sister. What we saw of the country left me in such a state of awe, from the fluent English to the architecture & design to the unbelievably unspoiled landscapes. Norway was an absolute dream for this nature-loving-hippie-artist. When I look at these photos, I'm swept away all over again to this cold, northern place. I'll make a post on each place I went. First up: Oslo!

oslo cathedral


oslo opera house


Akershus Castle & Fortress

IMG_7429*-8 IMG_7438*-9 IMG_7512*-10 IMG_7576*-11 IMG_7578*-12 IMG_7676*-15 IMG_7692*-16 IMG_7701*-19 IMG_7734*-21 IMG_7735*-22 IMG_7742*-23 IMG_7746*-24 IMG_7766*-25 IMG_7770*-26 IMG_7783*-27

chasing bubbles

the royal palace

IMG_7818*-29 IMG_7880*-31 IMG_7916*-32


IMG_7923*-34 IMG_7953*-35 IMG_7960*-36 IMG_7967*-38 IMG_7977*-39 IMG_7985*-40

Radhus (city hall)

Radhus (city hall)

IMG_7997*-42 IMG_8011*-43 IMG_8016*-44 IMG_8029*-45 IMG_8049*-46

Nobel Peace Center

inside the Nobel Peace Center

inside the National Gallery

IMG_8059*-48 IMG_8065*-49 IMG_8073*-50 IMG_8086*-51

Bygdoy island

IMG_8120*-53 IMG_8122*-54 IMG_8132*-55 IMG_8134*-56


IMG_8241*-59 IMG_8254*-60 IMG_8266*-61 IMG_8269*-62 IMG_8284*-64 IMG_8301*-65


IMG_8305*-66 IMG_8309*-67

Viking ship museum

IMG_8325*-69 IMG_8337*-70 IMG_8347*-71 IMG_8353*-73 IMG_8355*-74 IMG_8382*-75

Fram museum

IMG_8417*-78 IMG_8419*-79 IMG_8422*-80 IMG_8424*-81 IMG_8427*-82

Vigeland park


If you ever get the chance to go to Norway, do not hesitate to say a big YES.

More photos next time!

xo, Michelle

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