norway photos: part 1, Oslo!

Three months ago, I was wandering around beautiful Norway with my sister. What we saw of the country left me in such a state of awe, from the fluent English to the architecture & design to the unbelievably unspoiled landscapes. Norway was an absolute dream for this nature-loving-hippie-artist. When I look at these photos, I'm swept away all over again to this cold, northern place. I'll make a post on each place I went. First up: Oslo!

oslo cathedral


oslo opera house


Akershus Castle & Fortress

IMG_7429*-8 IMG_7438*-9 IMG_7512*-10 IMG_7576*-11 IMG_7578*-12 IMG_7676*-15 IMG_7692*-16 IMG_7701*-19 IMG_7734*-21 IMG_7735*-22 IMG_7742*-23 IMG_7746*-24 IMG_7766*-25 IMG_7770*-26 IMG_7783*-27

chasing bubbles

the royal palace

IMG_7818*-29 IMG_7880*-31 IMG_7916*-32


IMG_7923*-34 IMG_7953*-35 IMG_7960*-36 IMG_7967*-38 IMG_7977*-39 IMG_7985*-40

Radhus (city hall)

Radhus (city hall)

IMG_7997*-42 IMG_8011*-43 IMG_8016*-44 IMG_8029*-45 IMG_8049*-46

Nobel Peace Center

inside the Nobel Peace Center

inside the National Gallery

IMG_8059*-48 IMG_8065*-49 IMG_8073*-50 IMG_8086*-51

Bygdoy island

IMG_8120*-53 IMG_8122*-54 IMG_8132*-55 IMG_8134*-56


IMG_8241*-59 IMG_8254*-60 IMG_8266*-61 IMG_8269*-62 IMG_8284*-64 IMG_8301*-65


IMG_8305*-66 IMG_8309*-67

Viking ship museum

IMG_8325*-69 IMG_8337*-70 IMG_8347*-71 IMG_8353*-73 IMG_8355*-74 IMG_8382*-75

Fram museum

IMG_8417*-78 IMG_8419*-79 IMG_8422*-80 IMG_8424*-81 IMG_8427*-82

Vigeland park


If you ever get the chance to go to Norway, do not hesitate to say a big YES.

More photos next time!

xo, Michelle

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wandering the Getty Villa.

Missed a blog post last week because I had round 2 of the flu. It really put a dent in my productivity. Thankfully I seem to be better (finally- it's been 2 weeks of being sick). Yesterday I got to explore the Getty Villa in Malibu for the first time. I've been wanting to go for years, and I'm so glad I finally did! It's so ridiculously beautiful and the weather was sunny but slightly chilly. Perfect. I've been in love with Greek and Roman art and history since I was 11 years old and I've studied it so much since, so it was so cool to see a local place with such a huge collection, in addition to the architecture and the gardens. I was totally in my element.

Here are some of my favorite photos from yesterday:

IMG_1990* smaller

IMG_1899* smaller

IMG_1904* smaller

IMG_1921* smaller

IMG_1930* smaller

IMG_1936* smaller

IMG_1946* smaller

IMG_1967* smaller

IMG_2003* smaller

IMG_2031* smaller

IMG_2033* smaller

IMG_2044* smaller

IMG_2048* smaller

IMG_2058* smaller

IMG_2110* smaller

xo, Michelle