sketch_someday This word is constantly in my head, but more so than ever lately.

Someday I'll figure out what I'm doing when it comes to the business side of this art thing. Someday this learning curve won't be so steep. Someday not every single task will be new. Someday I'll have a good rhythm to balance the creativity with the business side. Someday I'll have a better grip on marketing and finding my audience. Someday I'll be able to create all the pieces I have planned. Someday I'll make more art on a daily basis. Someday I won't feel like I'm stumbling blinding through all of this. Someday I'll look back on now and know that this was crucial learning time for me. Someday I'll decide where I want to live. Someday I'll have a real studio/room to do my work. Someday I'll fall in love with the right person and have a family. Someday all these little babies that I take care of are going to be grown up and I will miss the ages they are now. Someday I'll miss the distractions of working in my house. Someday I'll figure out my sleeping hours. (Or maybe I'll just always be nocturnal). Someday I'll get better at balancing. I hope.

"Someday" is just what I always tell myself as I'm constantly learning and improving and taking all these tasks of life one day at a time. I figure, eventually, if I keep working hard, things will get easier. Of course I'll have new challenges along the way. But there will always be "someday" and the hope of conquering each new task. I'm always dreaming of how it could be better. But it's important to note that I do enjoy the good things in each day as I'm dreaming of someday. I'm very conscious of that trap.

This over-analytical, deep-feeling personality...... it's totally exhausting.

xo, Michelle

PS. Part of my "someday" goals are that I will get better at using social media for my art life (I'm a pro with it for my everyday life. I tend to forget to share when I'm in a creative mode). Here's where else you can find me: