New art print: baby snuggles!

I've turned one of my favorite greeting card designs into an 8x10 digital print, available in my Etsy shop! 

IMG_7961* edit_tag_800

I love the mother-child bond. It's so beautiful. Baby snuggles are my favorite thing in the whole world! The days when they fit completely in your arms and rest their heads on your chest. Those days pass so quickly, but you want those moments to last forever. There's nothing sweeter.

This art print would be perfect in a child's room or family living space to remind you of those sweet moments, well beyond when the baby grows from infancy to childhood to adulthood.

Print will not include the watermark (© Mary & Luna). Frame not included.

Buy it here!

xo, Michelle

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photoshoot: a new sibling bond.

IMG_8756*047_edit_watermark I'm so excited to share this adorable photoshoot I did last week!

My first newborn session, and big sister was so so cute with her new baby brother. We shot for almost 2.5 hours in the park, and while baby didn't want to curl up tight (that's ok!), I still managed to capture his sweet face and his beautiful sister's vivacious personality, and  the sweet new bond between them. These photos made me smile the whole time I was editing them! :)

I really love how these came out. I always say it, but with every shoot I do, I feel more and more confident in my ability to execute my vision and how I see people. I'm studying constantly. I see the improvement from one session to the next. I feel so good about my future. Art + photography + babies= my heart is constantly bursting! And I really love that I can give this art to families and they'll proudly display these moments I captured.

Here are some of my favorites!

IMG_8494*012_edit_watermark IMG_8508*015_edit_watermark IMG_8518*017_edit_watermark IMG_8262*001_edit_watermark IMG_8395*008_edit_watermark IMG_8399*009_edit_watermark IMG_8433*010_edit_watermark IMG_8646*036_edit_watermark IMG_8621*033_edit_watermark IMG_8602*031_edit_watermark IMG_8664*037_edit_watermark IMG_8700*042_edit_watermark IMG_8761*048_edit_watermark

xo, Michelle

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fairytale photoshoot: 3 month old baby Juliette!


I'm SO excited to share these photos from a shoot I did with an adorable little 3-month-old baby girl named Juliette. I approached her mom at pre-school (for one of my babysitting jobs), and asked if I could use her baby in a shoot to help build my portfolio! Luckily she agreed :)

I learn so much from each shoot. But this one was a major point of growth for me.

First of all, the weather. Oh my gosh. We had the most unusual 60mph hot winds, and I was so nervous the shoot wouldn't work. Somehow we managed to shoot for 45 minutes in the crazy wind, despite tree branches actually falling on me & Juliette's mom. We were blocking the baby! And somehow the little rockstar baby fell asleep! I would have loved to shoot longer, but I did what I could. Somehow despite cutting the session in half due to the wind, I still ended up with a handful of photos I love. That was majorly confidence-boosting for me.

Second, this is the first shoot I've done with 100% my own styling, the right lens, the exact lighting I wanted, and Adobe Lightroom for editing. I location-scouted for a very specific setting. (I wanted it to look like a forest. Not easy in a beach town!) I could go on and on about how much of a difference this combination made. Finally my work looks like me. I could not be happier, and I can't wait to shoot more and more and continue to build my portfolio and take on clients! I really love doing this. It's another creative outlet for me, and I love capturing sweet babies and making parents happy.

So here are my favorites!

IMG_6331002_edit_watermark IMG_6343003_edit_watermark IMG_6372004_edit_watermark IMG_6376005_edit_watermark IMG_6383006_edit_watermark IMG_6394007_edit_watermark IMG_6400009_edit_watermark IMG_6401010_edit_watermark IMG_6416011_edit_watermark IMG_6431013_edit2_watermark IMG_6441015_edit2_watermark IMG_6446016_edit_watermark IMG_6465018_edit2_watermark

xo, Michelle

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