Unintentionally introverted artist.

I want to talk about how unintentionally introverted I am with my art. I have no idea why, but for me, creating is so completely in my head and my heart and it's all consuming, and I do not normally run around saying "look what I made!" Sometimes I can do it more easily, but for the most part, I make things and I forget to reveal it. I think it's because art is so meditative for me, and I do it for myself. It just slips my mind that I have decided to become an art business owner and I am supposed to share these things with the public! So forgive me, this is such a steep learning curve. The business details + creating leave me forgetful of new habits I'm supposed to be forming! My hope is that art-blogging will become more natural to me. Right now it still feels so awkward because it's like being social about art. I'm so used to creating and not really having people understand or really even ask about it, that I'm not always sure what to tell you guys! I also don't always know who is reading these posts (please feel free to comment and introduce yourselves?). I have a very clear internet-writing voice about my life and my personal thoughts/feelings, but I have not yet developed my art writing voice. I suppose I don't talk much about art: it goes directly inside and blossoms. So bear with me as I fall into a more natural rhythm!

I thought I'd share what I wrote recently for my "About" page for my Etsy shop. I suppose that might help you get to know my art perspective a little better :)

Mary and Luna: the nostalgic meets the whimsical.

This is little shop is just beginning of my wild imagination.

I've wanted to be an artist since I was a kid, but I never knew exactly what that would mean for me. I have found a love of doing digital art, often with a touch of fine art involved, but I still have so many dreams of including many other mediums and products in my shop. It's all a matter of the number of hours in a day.

Despite the two names, I'm just one person. "Mary" represents the traditional, simple, nostalgic, vintage side of my aesthetic. "Luna" is the whimsical, daydreaming, eccentric, night owl part of me. Mary is down to earth and Luna is in the clouds. Mary is day and the sun, Luna is night and the moon. Mary is the little girl that I still am in my heart, and Luna is the big world I'm exploring with a sense of wonder. It's all me. One big dichotomy that somehow blends together beautifully.

I hope you'll follow whatever continues to pour out of my heart and my hands.

Hope you're all having a good week. Maybe you have winter weather wherever you are? Here in southern CA it's about 75-80 degrees lately. I'm so not a fan of no winter. (But I do love this summer-y photo below of me frolicking in the Huntington Gardens).

xo, Michelle