nat + matt, engaged.

IMG_5594-1 I've known Natalie a loooong time. Like 15 years. She's one of my sister's best friends. When she got engaged to Matt and asked me to take their engagement photos, I was so excited! They are so fun and playful and sweet together. She gave me total artistic freedom, and they were so easy to work with.

Matt: "On a scale from 1 to the best models you've worked with, where are we?" Me: "Well I usually work with toddlers, so you're pretty high up there."

IMG_5615-4 IMG_5629-6 IMG_5693-10 IMG_5752-13 IMG_5855-21 IMG_5878-23 IMG_5892-25 IMG_5919-27 IMG_5958-30 IMG_5996-35 IMG_6042-40 IMG_6055-41 IMG_6120-47 IMG_6220-56 IMG_6256-61 IMG_6296-64 IMG_6302-67 IMG_6313-70 IMG_6382-77 IMG_6387-78 IMG_6411-82 IMG_6435-85 IMG_6477-90

I'm so very happy for them. I can't wait for their wedding!

xo, Michelle

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