aloha vibes

Last week I was in Hawaii, and it was so lovely to be away from my to-do list for a week! I focused on really being in the moment and just taking photos. I only allowed myself phone time at the end of each day, and I was often posting a photo to instagram the day after it was taken because I just wanted to absorb that day. I think that's an important thing I tend to do when I'm traveling- it helps me experience the place I'm visiting more thoroughly & to feel like I'm really there. Taking photos doesn't take me out of the moment, posting them does. I'll have art to share next week. Until then, enjoy the dreaminess of Maui. Maybe you'll be able to feel the tropical air :)


love cloud-scapes.




we were able to help my dad surprise my mom with a vow renewal!


29 years married!

a family trip: my aunt & uncle are book-ending me, my parents, and my 2 sisters.

Maui plantation exploring

sister selfies during car rides around the island.

what much of the island looks like next to the coast.

I love all the trees.

maui plantation

more maui plantation

another maui planation photo

shells hanging from palm trees, what fun decor.

Lahaina sunset. So dreamy.

golden hour perfection.

another beautiful Lahaina sunset.

Wailea, the day we were attacked by sand.

double rainbow!

panorama of the double rainbow, full arches!

Napili is perfect.

gluten free chocolate (white & milk) macadamia nut pancakes. ARE YOU KIDDING. So delicious.

me + twirly dresses= love

our hotel beach :)

the rainbow state is aptly named.


falling light on fallen flowers. melting me!

perfect beach path.

like the tikki torch is setting the sky on fire.

loved this window of a shop :)

give me trees all day.

new phone case with one of my favorite quotes.

Lahaina sunset. (always remember to look the opposite direction of the sun for more pretty clouds!)

last night in Maui, sunset.

Lahaina sunset.

xo, Michelle

PS. many of these were posted on my personal instagram, @michelleelaluna, if you'd like to find me :)