new painting: alice and the white rabbit

alice_tag_800 I made this last week, but finally got a chance to post it! I've been so busy preparing for Patchwork Show! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories (and I love children's literature oh-so-much). I recently made a custom Lost Boys painting for my friend Courtney, and I loved the style used for it, so I decided to expand that idea for other literature-inspired pieces. (that means more to come!)

I made up this scene that doesn't exist in the book, but the quote is from the book. I love this quote so so much, it almost makes me cry. I imagine Alice and the White Rabbit having tea together and discussing life :)

part of the original sketch, posted to my instagram

It's watercolor and ink, 8x10, and the writing is done in stamps and calligraphy. I loved blending all these different elements that I love to work with, and I'm really happy with how it came out! It's funny how I notice my style ever-evolving; I sometimes worry about my portfolio not being cohesive, but because I love each piece and all of them have similar wistfulness, I don't focus on the worry so much!

I'll add prints of this to my Etsy shop next month, but first I'll be selling prints of it at Patchwork show in just over 2 weeks! Come see me there if you live in the Southern California area :)

xo, Michelle

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custom painting: a mandala!

img038 edit_800 I loved making this custom piece for my yogi friend, Ryan! It was such a challenge because I'd never created anything even remotely similar to it before! Ryan knew he wanted me to design a mandala, and to have the word namaste underneath it. So I started sketching and came up with this design, we agreed on it, and here's the piece in just ink, before color:

img037 edit_800

Ryan sent me photos of a color scheme he liked, so I applied it where I thought it would look best, then added my calligraphy "namaste." It's done with ink and gouache paint, 8x10. (and without the copyright tag). He will probably be using this on his yoga instructor business cards, as well as displayed in his living space :)

Been busy with this, editing photos, record-keeping, lining up new projects… I'll share more new work next week!

xo, Michelle

if you're interested in a custom art piece like this one, please email me and we can brainstorm ideas! I absolutely love making things for a specific person in mind :) _____

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