happy 2015!

how it got to be 2015, I have no idea. I've finally gotten some time off since Christmas, and it was so necessary after such a busy Autumn. I'm quite relieved I can be really introverted again. I spent today journal writing, deeply reflecting on 2014 and planning 2015. Although it's daunting, I really love having creative control over my life. Dreaming and then building; it's a very natural process for me. I have what feels like a million goals and tasks for this year, both personally and professionally, but here's what I'm focusing on in 2015:


For Mary & Luna, my focus will always be growth and evolution. I will continue to create art that I love, and I will continue to capture childhood through my camera. I hope my art and photography reach more people this year. 2014 was very challenging for me to balance life and work, but for my first full year in business, I suppose it went considerably well! I had a list of big things I wanted to do for Mary & Luna in 2014, and I did 4 out of 5, so I'm happy with that! Onto planning the big stuff for each month of 2015 now!

I hope you all embrace the refreshing feeling of a new year and use it to build the life you're dreaming of. 

xo, Michelle

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