kat + rob, married.

IMG_4531*-21 oh my goodness. what a busy past two months. it has been non-stop activity, but it breaks down into this: I've worked a lot (photography + art + nannying), and I went to Norway for two weeks! I have so much to share from all of that.

first up: my friend Kat's wedding! I had never photographed a wedding before; I'd just done one video. But Kat is so great and really loves my work, so she asked me to photograph her wedding to Rob, up in Northern California. I was so nervous but excited. It's so much pressure to know you're the only person in charge of capturing one of the biggest days in someone's life! I could not be happier with how the photos turned out. It felt really special to be the one with them the whole day, seeing all their little interactions and love, and putting this day that they'll never forget on film. I'll never forget how full my heart felt, being a part of something that means so much. (and how tired I was after it was all over!)

Here are my favorite photos from the day: 

IMG_3470*-1 IMG_3604*-72 IMG_3645*-76 IMG_3681*-85 IMG_3736*-8 IMG_3879*-33 IMG_3902*-40 IMG_3979*-63 IMG_4016*-78 IMG_4024*-80 IMG_4138*-23 IMG_4144*-25 IMG_4201*-38 IMG_4204*-39 IMG_4222*-42 IMG_4231*-44 IMG_4276*-56 IMG_4280*-57 IMG_4291*-61 IMG_4315*-68 IMG_4479*-5 IMG_4494*-8 IMG_4512*-20 IMG_4564*-18 IMG_4600*-22 IMG_4651*-31 IMG_4674*-37 IMG_4697*-42 IMG_4750*-49 IMG_4758*-52 IMG_4800*-61 IMG_4986*-9 IMG_5046*-18 IMG_5090*-22 IMG_5158*-37

one of the bride's best friends with her boyfriend. I included this one because I love it, even though the rest are of the bride & groom.

IMG_5815*-31 IMG_6149*-226 IMG_6307*-256

It was such a beautiful day. Perfect weather, such a pretty and inspiring venue, and a pure & true love. And Kat was the most entertaining bride I've ever seen on a dance floor; she's like an energizer bunny and I love it.

I'm always thinking about how this whole life of mine is so intense and emotional. But I'm learning so much about the work I'm capable of creating and the meaning of what I do, and that is by far the most rewarding thing about living a creative life.

me + kat + rob :)

xo, Michelle

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