scraps of progress

I've been working on lots of things and haven't had a chance to decide what to blog! Here are some in-progress pieces...

Working on this custom piece for my friend's baby boy due this fall. Lost Boys from Peter Pan themed!

re-designing this original piece that I did that I never quite decided what medium I wanted to use.

practicing my calligraphy and playing with a new set of watercolors & watercolor paper.

a little 4th of July themed piece.

I'm working on putting together a content calendar for this blog so that I make sure my posts are worth viewing. I'm working on a marketing plan. I'm planning a couple photoshoots. I'm organizing a bunch of business information so that I have a visual map to follow when I get overwhelmed or lost. I'm brainstorming future pieces. I'm all-around still figuring out how to be a professional artist, and I have a suspicion that I always will be…

xo, Michelle

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