summer time endings.

While the weather is still fluctuating in extremes and most days I change from pants to shorts and back to pants several times, I'm surrounded by the feeling of the end of summer, a summer that passed so quickly I hardly remember it. It didn't feel the way summer usually feels this year, for some reason. That makes me feel some sadness and regret and nostalgia. I think I was just extremely focused on the business side that I'm having to learn to keep my art shop selling. But I'll try to focus on the things that were summer-y.....

I took a really beautiful and fun roadtrip up the CA coast with my younger sister. We'd never traveled just the two of us, and it was right before her first full time job began. It was one of those rite of passage trips I'll never forget. And the scenery was like a dream.

Big Sur area.

Big Sur

Big Sur


The 4th of July was actually fun this year, and we did some small home fireworks & sparklers for the first time!


dueling like Harry Potter & Voldemort.

sparkler happy.

We had a Tea Party to celebrate the Royal birth haha. I ate all gluten-free versions of things, but so yummy. I absolutely love having High Tea.

Spirited Anglophiles.

So much delicious sugar.

As a group of girls, we went to Lake Arrowhead for a weekend. I love being in the mountains, even though it wasn't quite June Lake.

Gluten free smores & hot chocolate! (and vegan marshmallows)

re-enacting Dirty Dancing on this log haha.

5/7 of the group.

Summer is the season for concerts! Went to about one each weekend in August. So many musicians that I love!

Backstreet Boys!

Adorable Hunter Hayes

Yeah, we went to the Jonas Brothers and it was awesome.

Taylor Swift (my all-time favorite) and Ed Sheeran.

Sara Bareilles!


The OC Fair is crazy crowded, but it always feels like summer.

IMG_5356 IMG_5357

My older sister & I started this labor day weekend pool party every year that we call Poolfest. This year we had a ton of people there and we played with a waterproof camera!

Poolfest oh-13!

Some other highlights:

summertime flowers

late-summer sunsets

babysitting these sweet sweet boys once a week.

the twins, aka "the nuggests"

Hope you all had a nice summer :) I'm so excited for sweater weather; I crave it year-round!

xo, Michelle