hello, baby Hadley.

I absolutely love seeing the early days of a new life. Newborns are so tiny and snuggly, parents are so tired, and big sibling toddlers have no clue what's going on. The newborn days are so temporary that it makes it all beautifully chaotic. 

baby Hadley is the newest addition to this cute family I've known for a while (the mama is a teacher at my old high school)! Hadley shares a birthday with Emma Watson so she's obviously destined to be smart and beautiful and interesting; it's an Aries thing ;) 

oh man. all the cuteness just melts me! babies babies babies all day.

xo, Michelle

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photoshoot: 1-year-old Peyton!

IMG_0735*014_edit_watermark I can't believe this little cutie is 1 already! We took these photos two weeks ago, but things have been crazy busy and I am finally posting them! You can also see my photos of her 1st year of life: 3 month, 6 month, 9 month.

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I've been working so hard on my art, photography, and babysitting jobs, and juggling the 3 is quite a challenge. I feel like I'm not posting enough work, but I also need to be patient with myself, because most of my time doing my business work is just that, business. I'm still finding a balance of creating and business details!

xo, Michelle

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