utah session: toddlers + an orchard

IMG_2171*-6 I went to Utah on vacation and I did something I've never done: a travel session! I really love to travel, I love new scenery, and every time I travel I think "I wish I could get some kids to take photos of here!" So I reached out to my cousin's friend Mari, who is a stylist, and asked if she wanted to do a session of her cute babies! I'm so incredibly grateful for the word "yes." 

The littles were quite emotional during our session (that happens during golden/witching hour!), but they were still playful and adorable and I loved chasing them around. I loved the fall vibe that you just don't get in orange county.



IMG_2167*-5 IMG_2184*-9 IMG_2194*-11 IMG_2198*-13 IMG_2218*-17 IMG_2220*-18 IMG_2225*-21 IMG_2283*-30 IMG_2286*-31 IMG_2305*-33 IMG_2311*-34 IMG_2332*-36 IMG_2348*-39 IMG_2376*-42 IMG_2430*-46 IMG_2434*-47 IMG_2446*-49 IMG_2465*-50 IMG_2484*-53 IMG_2493*-55 IMG_2511*-57 IMG_2515*-58 IMG_2524*-61

Wardrobe by: free babes, happy hannas, duchess and lion, & wrare doll

ahhhh the cuteness. 

xo, Michelle

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