Michelle Dixon

artist, photographer, flower child, daydreamer, baby-whisperer, reader, writer, lover.

I’m a twenty-something nocturnal Aries who lives part-time in Neverland, Hogwarts, and Stars Hollow.
When I’m not professionally child-wrangling or editing photos (or otherwise working), you’ll find me intensely hermiting,
wandering some pretty place with my camera, feeling too much, napping, hoarding books faster than I can read them,
crying at a Taylor Swift concert, watching “Friends” and other sitcoms for the zillionth time, or hanging out with my
family (affectionately referred to as The Dixon Circus). 


Mary and Luna

art, photography, and daydreams

Despite the two names, I'm just one person.
"Mary" represents the traditional, simple, nostalgic, vintage side of my aesthetic.
"Luna" is the whimsical, daydreaming, eccentric, night owl part of me.
Mary is down to earth and Luna is in the clouds.
Mary is day and the sun, Luna is night and the moon.
Mary is the little girl that I still am in my heart, and Luna is the big world I'm exploring with a sense of wonder.
It's all me. One big dichotomy that somehow blends together beautifully.

My favorite thing in the whole world? HOME. In every sense of the word. Places that feel like home even if they’re not. People who ARE your home. The place where you actually live. The feeling of comfort and love and being content, all wrapped up in some kind of protected bubble. The way everyone has a feeling of home in which they either dwell or long for. The way everyone’s home and sense of home is different.

Will you let me into your home, please? Into your family to show you all the beautiful, perfectly imperfect, loving, wild sweetness? To try my hardest to freeze time for you so that you can remember all the fleeting phases of your life and family? To let me document just the smallest bits of how much you love your kids so that they can see it when they’re grown up? To remember all the personalities and mannerisms you witness everyday? 

I want you feel what I feel: that chaotic collision of daydreams and intense reality that envelops parenthood and family and love and life as a whole. I want to SHOW you your home so you can be reminded of it everyday.

You can read about why I photograph childhood here.