New adventures.

So I'm beginning this blog to archive my life as an artist. I'm hoping that whoever finds this blog enjoys whatever I have to say or share, and that I can contribute something positive to the world. I've always journaled privately and been a social media queen, but this is a little different. I've never attempted to put the creative part of me into comprehensible words. I'm usually just a mess of thoughts and it takes a lot of focus to get my ideas into tangible form. But I'm a very hopeful person. Hopefully I can share something of value here. Bear with me as I find a flow and a blogging voice. I love to take photos and ponder and over-analyze and write, so this will be where that magic happens. I'd love to build a little network of people who enjoy what I have to say and what I create, and I'd love to love all you creative souls right back. Don't be shy. I'm always here. And I promise to always just be me. xo, Michelle