best of 2015

IMG_2311*-34 I'm still in New Year's reflection + planning mode, so I thought I would gather up my favorite images specifically from my sessions in 2015. The year itself felt weird, but I remember all the sessions clearly. 2015 saw my biggest photography improvement so far, for sure. My style and my eye were more clearly defined and fine-tuned. I gained a lot of confidence in my ability to do this. I'm really proud of what I made last year, both in photos and fine art. I always wish to do more, create more, shoot more. I feel like I'm just starting and the possibilities are waiting for me.

So here is my best of 2015: 

IMG_0961*-19 IMG_1134*-38 IMG_2178*-72 IMG_4512*-20 IMG_4800*-61 IMG_5046*-18 IMG_6358*-3 IMG_6873*-58 IMG_0187*-12 IMG_1463*-14 IMG_2171*-6  IMG_2348*-39 IMG_2515*-58 IMG_5104-29 IMG_5014-15 IMG_5470-90 IMG_4180-40 IMG_4206-45

IMG_3484-13 IMG_3762-54


Here's to 2016 and more beautiful people and families and stories and art. 

xo, Michelle

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