summer golden light + baby Peyton.

Happy Summer! My friend Nicole's baby Peyton is 9 months old! I can't believe it. I've been sure to do a shoot with her every 3 months so I have her first year for my photography portfolio (plus I can't help it- I see a cute baby & I have to photograph + snuggle it). I really love how these photos came out. The golden late summer day lighting + the field I recently found + some cute props + adorable baby Peyton= happy photographer Michelle :)


IMG_7674006_edit_watermark IMG_7675007_edit_watermark IMG_7682010_edit_watermark IMG_7691012_edit_watermark IMG_7695013_edit_watermark IMG_7705015_edit_watermark IMG_7719018_edit_watermark IMG_7720019_edit_watermark IMG_7728022_edit_watermark IMG_7732023_edit_watermark IMG_7737024_edit_watermark IMG_7766026_edit_watermark

With every shoot I do, I feel more comfortable and confident, and I see my work getting better. My editing flow is coming more naturally (I only recently learned Lightroom), and every shoot is starting to look more like me. I'm happy with how my portfolio is coming along!

xo, Michelle

PS. If you're interested in a low-rate portfolio-building session for you and/or your kids in Orange County, CA, email me :)

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