always thankful. all 365 days.

The other night, I let my paintbrush lead me and this is what I made. I let my heart write for me and this is what I feel.

img009 edit

When I think about all the things I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving, I think about this: I'm always thankful. I'm always aware of this beautiful life. Even when it is really hard. I never waste it. I soak up every baby giggle and perfect breeze and cup of tea. I memorize fleeting moments and I allow myself the time to reflect on and process my incredible experiences. I'm always doing the best I can to love each day and the people in it.

So for me, this is simply a day to be with family & a day to acknowledge all the gratitude I feel all year. (I don't really get that excited about the food; gluten-free vegetarian Thanksgiving is anti-climactic. But I do love mashed potatoes & I make a yummy dessert).

I hope you have a very sweet holiday.
xo, Michelle