norway photos: part 2!

I'm continuing to share my Norway photos! It's been 3 months and I still can't believe it was a real place because it was so beautiful! Our second stop: the Oslo-Bergen railway to Voss & its surrounding fjords!

Oslo -> Bergen

IMG_8441*-84 IMG_8465*-85 IMG_8479*-86 IMG_8485*-87 IMG_8492*-88 IMG_8495*-89


IMG_8511*-91 IMG_8518*-92


IMG_8523*-93 IMG_8529*-94 IMG_8552*-95 IMG_8556*-96 IMG_8574*-97 IMG_8585*-98 IMG_8591*-99 IMG_8595*-100 IMG_8604*-101

Flamsbana Railway from snowy Myrdal to the fjord town of Flam

snowy and very very cold. beginning of June!

IMG_8654*-104 IMG_8662*-105 IMG_8686*-107


IMG_8706*-108 IMG_8755*-109 IMG_8759*-110 IMG_8763*-111

a little nod to beloved Field Trip (click photo for blog post)

IMG_8797*-113 IMG_8804*-114 IMG_8812*-115 IMG_8860*-117 IMG_8898*-118 IMG_8918*-119 IMG_8928*-120 IMG_8945*-121 IMG_8987*-123 IMG_9022*-124 IMG_9047*-126


IMG_9048*-127 IMG_9051*-128 IMG_9070*-129

the lake in Voss

Do you feel swept away by the cold northern beauty yet?

Check out Part 1: Oslo if you missed them! I'll post the final set of photos next week :)

xo, Michelle

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