a growing golden family session

IMG_5104-29 I absolutely love being able to document all the milestones of a young family. This is my bestie Nicole (who frequently appears on here!), and we found the most beautiful golden light to capture her growing family. Her little girl is experiencing her last months as the only child before her baby sister arrives this winter.

These colors and the cuteness of toddlerhood just make me have all the heart-eyes!

IMG_4974-8 IMG_4991-12 IMG_5008-14 IMG_5014-15 IMG_5029-18 IMG_5052-22 IMG_5121-31 IMG_5144-34 IMG_5192-39 IMG_5203-42 IMG_5222-44 IMG_5228-45 IMG_5259-52 IMG_5273-56 IMG_5290-60 IMG_5352-69 IMG_5369-75 IMG_5393-78 IMG_5470-90

I can't wait to meet baby Rory in a few months!

xo, Michelle

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