lifestyle session: cousins as best friends

IMG_3484-13 I loved getting to document the wild and crazy love that the boys I babysit share with their cousins. They're super close and the boys' mom wanted to remember this phase of life with photos. 3 sets of siblings... 10 kids. Lots of running around and giggles. So much cuteness.

IMG_3448-7 IMG_3471-11 IMG_3496-15 IMG_3522-17 IMG_3545-19 IMG_3555-21 IMG_3593-26 IMG_3603-27 IMG_3618-29 IMG_3623-30 IMG_3646-35 IMG_3673-39 IMG_3681-41 IMG_3762-54

Childhood is my favorite thing. So much life in those little bodies.

xo, Michelle

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