a loving and wild family session

IMG_4799-33 oh my goodness, I loved my time with this family. They are adorable and lovely and so real. Jenna is a  girl boss and a wonderful mama. Her kids are so sweet and wild. I love that combo. We went for a more Christmas-y vibe with this session and I love it.


IMG_4382-6 IMG_4482-2 IMG_4591-9 IMG_4603-11 IMG_4606-12 IMG_4616-15 IMG_4663-21 IMG_4741-26 IMG_4756-28 IMG_4764-30 IMG_4789-32 IMG_4824-39 IMG_4847-44 IMG_4909-54

Don't you just want to snuggle that little baby?! She stole my heart.

xo, Michelle

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