photoshoot: my little buddies

IMG_1241*007_edit_watermark I've been babysitting these kids since the oldest was 1, and their mom was my babysitter when I was really tiny! I'm so close with them and they are the ones that got me into childhood photography because all the little things they did inspired me so much.

So now they're 5 and 7 and I still play with them a lot, but it was fun to do an official family session with them! Challenging though because they're so comfortable with me and they couldn't really figure out why we were only taking pictures instead of being able to play WITH me and boss me around! :)

Here are my favorites from our time together:

IMG_1187*004_edit_watermark IMG_1269*011_edit_watermark IMG_1292*015_edit_watermark IMG_1314*018_edit_watermark IMG_1360*024_edit_watermark IMG_1369*025_edit_watermark IMG_1389*027_edit_watermark IMG_1395*028_edit_watermark IMG_1411*030_edit_watermark IMG_1433*034_edit_watermark IMG_1452*037_edit_watermark IMG_1466*041_edit_watermark IMG_1486*044_edit_watermark IMG_1516*051_edit_watermark IMG_1519*052_edit_watermark

Something I've been thinking about a lot as I build my portfolio is what I want to say with my photography. I'm not trying to change the world with it. I want to capture the spirit of childhood that is so fleeting. The years go by so fast, and if I can capture this moment in their early lives in a storybook, idyllic way, then I think I'll have done what I set out to do.

And now I will go prepare more inventory for my upcoming Patchwork show NEXT WEEK. oh my goodness, so much to do!

xo, Michelle

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