hello, baby Oliver.

I finally have some new work to share! (I was sick for over 3 weeks with what I'm calling the plague and my life was on hold. But I'm now better and back in the swing of things). Look at this cute little babe! Oliver was about 2.5 weeks old when I took these. Oh, man. Tiny newborns are incredible. Here are some of my favorites...

IMG_1030*-25 IMG_0961*-19

IMG_0822*-1 IMG_0838*-3 IMG_0848*-4 IMG_0864*-7 IMG_0887*-12 IMG_0956*-17IMG_1000*-23 IMG_1013*-24 IMG_1036*-26 IMG_1057*-28 IMG_1094*-32 IMG_1129*-36 IMG_1134*-38 IMG_1181*-41 IMG_1192*-43 IMG_1227*-49 IMG_1250*-53 IMG_1274*-57

I always hope that when you see my photos, you can feel the sense of awe and intense love I have for babies and kids and parenthood. I think it's the most beautiful thing.

Side note that I recently upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark ii and I'm in love with it :)

xo, Michelle

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