this is #yeahfieldtrip.

Three weeks ago I attended Photo Field Trip in Santa Barbara, CA for the 2nd year. It's a 5-day photography workshop /camp /gathering, and it's one of the most amazing things I've been a part of. Last year I learned so much that it actually launched the photography portion of my business. I knew nobody, and had to push my comfort zone so hard so that I could meet new people. This year I took more wonderful classes, was less overwhelmed and a lot more comfortable, and made new friendships a priority. As a result, I feel like I found a little creative haven where I actually fit. This is #yeahfieldtrip. Where you learn through play. Where you stay in cabins and tents and wake up early and go to bed late and learn from your favorite photographers. Where you laugh and love so hard it feels like your heart is going to explode. Where 400 photographers flood the beach at sunset and don't even get bothered by the crowd. Where you find your people, the people with creative heartbeats who understand yours. Where you talk about where you live and what you photograph, but then immediately start talking about life stuff and there are no walls up like when you're in the rest of the world. Where photographers are finally sometimes in front of the camera. Where you're encouraged to do what you love and do it the best you can. Where you are reminded of why you love to do what you do and feel inspired to keep doing it, no matter how hard it is. Where you feel like it's all worth it and that what you do is really important in the big picture of life.

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And now a couple of my favorite SmileBooth photos with friends...

58906969-img_1311* smaller

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I'm so happy to be a part of this. I'm not really a joiner, so to finally find somewhere I genuinely love and fit is so welcome in my life. 

To the people who made Field Trip a home, thank you for welcoming me. Kindness is the most beautiful thing. And the power of a familiar face should never be underrated.

[some friends pictured who you should check out because they do beautiful work: yan palmer | anna naphtali | jenna kutcher | megan gielow | alicia white | posy quarterman | becky earl | simone anne ]

You can see my post from last time here.

I'm working on a watercolor piece to remember this year, because I loved making one last year. So you'll see that soon :)

xo, Michelle

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Patchwork show!

Very very exciting news! I will have a booth for Mary and Luna at the Patchwork Show in both Long Beach & Santa Ana, CA this year! It's a really cool event with TONS of vendors, and I was chosen to be one of them! patchwork2014

If you live in the Southern California area, please mark your calendars and come see me! FREE admission. There will be food trucks and handmade goodness galore. Support your local artisans- it's a perfect place for Christmas shopping :)

I'm so happy to have been accepted to this special community of artists and makers! I will now begin preparing like a crazy person.

xo, Michelle

Photo Field Trip!

I FINALLY got some time to blog about this incredible experience I had! From February 28 - March 3, I attended a Photography Field Trip/ workshop/ camp at El Capitan State Beach, California. It was basically 300+ photographers from all over the world "glamping" and learning and socializing. I don't even have enough words to summarize a weekend filled with so much goodness. I summoned a lot of courage to go to this retreat, where I didn't personally know anyone going, only photographers whom I follow & love on instagram. I drove 3 hours in the POURING, terrifying, zero-visibility rain by myself, the furthest I've ever driven alone, and I never drive in rain that hard. But it was so so worth it. For some reason, I only took a handful of photos. I was just in sponge mode- absorbing information and watching people and being present in my settings. I think that was good for me. So here are my favorite photos that I did take!

Some of the grounds at El Capitan Canyon

a route on the grounds

My little cabin :)

Just a little bit of the swag we all got!

the view from my cabin door- yurts/tents! And rain.

The Big Tent / Dining Hall

perfect pair.

El Capitan State Beach

Wandering with James Moes, this is Stevie.

wandering with James Moes, this is Kaley.

I've followed Kaley on instagram for a while, but I didn't even know this was her until I got home!

Rog & Lyndzee during Sean Flanigan's shoot + burn class

again, Rog & Lyndzee during Sean Flanigan's shoot + burn class

Sean Flanigan leading us in a shoot.

me & the brilliantly talented Yan Palmer.

my roommates, Kay & Chelsea.

so many people in this one lol.

Some of the sweet girls I got to hang out with: Simone, Jenna, Kelly, & Racquel.

Group photo before we all went home! Our only sunny day!

After I got home, I was inspired to create a little commemorative art piece of all the imagery that stood out the most: tents/cabins, notebooks, cameras (duh), backpacks/swag, and muddy muddy boots! A bunch of the attendees ended up buying prints of it, and it was so so encouraging to know my illustration was well-received by fellow artists.

sketch of my illustrated memories

my illustrated memories

It was such an unforgettable experience. No one complained about the rain and the unbelievable amounts of mud because we we all just so happy to be there. I met a ton of new, creative people, which I needed so badly. I got so much support and encouragement and positivity. I feel so hopeful. I learned SO much from these professional photographers who are incredible at what they do. I loved being in such a beautiful environment. It felt like camp. Like Parent Trap & Dirty Dancing style. Only with people who love photography & adventuring as much as I do, and no 11-year-old Lindsay Lohan clones or beautiful Patrick Swayze (RIP). It was all just so fun. So unique. Just as I was feeling very comfortable and making friends, it was over. I can't wait to see what happens next year. Thank you, Field Trip, I love you.

To see more photos from EVERYONE who went, browse Instagram: #yeahfieldtrip.

xo, Michelle

P.S. any Field Trippers who still want this art print can order one from me here in my Etsy shop!